Top 5 Things that Define the Colombian Women Lifestyle

Colombian women lifestyle is very different to women lifestyle of different places around the world and mainly, they have different behaviors, habit as well as hobbies than women from other locations such as Europe, Asia, Canada and United States. In this article I would like to write some basic elements that define more in depth those basic things that determine the lifestyle of Colombian woman and the things they do in Colombia. Also, I will describe the most relevant things that form part of their culture, language and idiosyncrasy.

1. Colombia is one of the places with the most beautiful women of the world:
Definitely Colombia is an amazing place not only by the beauty of their locations and beaches but for the beauty of their women that are an important part of the national idiosyncrasy in Colombia. The beauty of Colombian Women is incredible and a good result of that is the large number of Women that are located in good places in international beauty pageants.

Top 5 things that Define the Colombian Women Lifestyle

2. Colombian Women have similar consume habits of US women:
This is something that define better the Colombian Women lifestyle, because they have consume habits very similar to North American women.

3. The beauty of Columbia Women is internationally exhibited as a national resource:
In Colombia is defined the beauty of their women as an important part of their promotional aspect to bring tourism to its country.

Colombian Women Lifestyle

4. Colombian Women know they are ahead due their beauty:
Colombian Women lifestyle is filled by an enormous proud because common Colombian women know they are important in the society because men from Colombian and other places around the world have them in high esteem.

5. Most Colombian Women like power and money:
This is an important thing you should know. The Colombian culture is full of drugs, money, power and luxury. Colombian women are very identified with this ideal.

26 Responses to “Top 5 Things that Define the Colombian Women Lifestyle”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a Colombian woman myself, I disagree with a lot of things you say. It seems that you have many assumptions that are quite off of what Colombian women really are. I find your comment “This is an important thing you should know. The Colombian culture is full of drugs, money, power and luxury. Colombian women are very identified with this ideal” especially ridiculous and false. You say many stereotypes of Colombian women that can be considered negative, which I find very rude and an unfair portrayal.

    Colombian women do have a lot of pride but it is pride for their culture, not necessarily on their looks. Additionally, before you claim such things, you should also check your grammar and spelling mistakes.

    I would not recommend this review at all. If you really want to know more about Colombia or Colombia women, get a better source than from this guy.

  2. Alejo says:

    I agree with the previous comment. This article is NOT helpful at all, even worse, it is demeaning and insulting towards Colombian women and culture in general. The things that define women in Colombia are not just their beauty… there are more important things and if you didn’t know that, you should reconsider it before writing something that is just rubbish. I have no idea where you are from, but if you have been to Colombia, you should know that what you say is not true at all, and you also should have more respect! If YOU ARE Colombian, shame on you!
    And I agree as well with the previous comment, PLEASE check the whole grammar, spelling, punctuation, and wording of your page (not only of this article!). If you re going to post something, at least do it properly, even if it’s true or not… it gets really difficult to read something that is not well written!

  3. armando says:

    and that is what colombian girls are like, they are full of pasionate fire that lives inside their bodies.

    I love colombians por their passions, sensualities, and much much more.

  4. Adriana says:

    Mr or Ms

    Where are you from and What kind of bussines you are trying to develop in Colombia?
    From one side you promote Colombia Bu I will coment in your Article because I think it is wrong…
    I see that you speak about drugs, power and luxury, I recognize that there is a small group of people involved in that things but mostly the colombian women are not like this, I am Colombian 100%
    I have a lot of women friends and I have been travel a lot in different cultures and I do recognaize that we are different, we have passions to do everything we like to have the power to sucsess our goals in education,job,travel etc.. and to create a family and we colombian adore to enjoy our lives and to make our couples and dearest to enjoy their life too, a colombian women is a very active women. It is also true that we know that we have a important place in the society because we know that we are beautyfull inside and out side.

    Please review your article if you apreciate the colombians and if your bussines is with the general population of women because you give the impretion that you are dealing with prostitutes.

  5. Jean says:

    I agree, this article is written by someone who has no idea whatsoever. I am European and has lived in Colombia for more than 5 years. Well, if the reference is working girls, and that is what you are trying to promote….

  6. fbknith says:

    Ci3Mik mjwptbglitfg, [url=]vdfhtjuuxmje[/url], [link=]dvmwjffwahmj[/link],

  7. Tony says:

    You are right. But one thing you left out is these women do not make good wives and girlfriends. They are not loyal.

  8. mia rosa says:

    fuck yourself

  9. C.J. says:

    In response to the many incongruent statements one must also assess the fact that a “woman” is a fully grown “girl”.
    If one seeks certain qualities in a person (country of orign dose not play a significant enough role)
    then the source of the person after GOD would be the family!
    when dealing with people for the purpose of commitment this can prove to be an invaluable source for finding out who realy lies beyond the masks we wear for society.
    Hope this helps Tony!
    And to Mai Rosa, you sound like you should be in a room with padded walls!

  10. I’m colombian yes it’s true I’m very hott hahahh and if ur jog Colombian or Spanish get the fuck outtttt never as pretty as us bitchesss

  11. Very well made list, I’ve never been to a lot of those places and would definitely like to check them out some time. Kudos.

  12. joseph says:

    He’s right colombian women are sluts…through and through

  13. Que Chimba says:

    Sounds like my Novia,anyway

  14. Que Chimba says:

    If you dont beleive it, see – Sin Tetas no hay Pariaso

  15. JAIME says:




  16. thedevil says:

    Joseph, your mother is a slut and she’s not colombian. QueChimba just cause your girlfriend cant keep it in her pants doesn’t mean shit. Jaime, I couldn’t agree more.

  17. Ojitos says:

    Other than recognizing that emphasis is placed on beauty and it is used as a marketing tool for tourism the article portrays Colombianas as superficial, shallow, and more like gringas than they are different. Maybe someone is looking at ‘perfect’ girls and finds this to be true but from my experience you are going to meet every day women here who are A) Not slobs B) Have a good heart and C) Like to see their man happy. And that’s even here with 1st and 2nd gen Latinas.
    Just don’t be loser and have some sort of personality/charm/character. I know that’s a lot to ask for sometimes….

  18. buffy says:

    in our island they are only working for prostitucion!!
    and around they world they are regonized as putas y ladrones

  19. carolina says:

    Let me start by saying this guy is an idiot. I am not sure where you are from, but you are very ignorant. I am a 100% colombian living in the US and I didn’t marry a drug dealer to support me. Colombian women are very determined, and hard workers. We work hard for what we wants. I am not a gold digger as you suggest we are. As far as looks, yes we know we are beatiful and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Last time I checked, it was good to have a good self esteem. I suggest instead of writting ignorant stuff and making yourself look like a dumbass…please, educate yourself!
    Have a nice day :)

  20. Tobias says:

    I have lived in Colombia and everything the writer says is true.

  21. Tobias says:

    Colombian women are beautiful

  22. Tom says:

    I have been to Colombia several times and like most undeveloped countries – it’s a shit hole!
    Some of the women are extremely beautiful.
    But they have this foolish pride about themselves, I have yet to figure out why.
    I since that they think they are better than other Latin women. Just my observation!

  23. Mazrimtaim says:

    This article could not be farther from the truth from what I have seen with Colombian women. I am engaged to be married to a very beautiful, hard working, intelligent, & goal oriented woman. She is not however a prostitute, drug dealer, involved with drug dealers, or in any way worried about money past a happy comfortable life. She has pride in herself, beauty inside & out like no North American woman, & she is loyal beyond anything I have ever seen before. As a United States citizen, even I find his description of Colombian women insulting. These women burn with passion, determination, & loyalty like nothing I have seen anywhere else in the world.

  24. sirc says:

    its funny i found this site.. I am from the u.s. considering looking for a latina as my bride. i have heard great things about colombian women, Domincan republic women and Brazilian women – can anyone give me unbiased opinions on all 3 – of course i know its unfair to make a general synposis on this.. but give me an opinion on the whole from background culture and all – i have heard colombia has the lowest divorce rates in the world.. good sign

  25. Mike says:

    Hi, I have been to Bogota a few times and found it quite difficult to find a good place to stay. I finally located a great apartment in the northern part of the city that rents rooms or the entire apartment for a good price. Their website is

    Just figured I’d give my 2 cents to those planning on going.

  26. Karl says:

    I don’t know where you got your info.I am an American. I recently spent a month in Colombia with my Colombian future wife. I met all of her friends and I was impressed with their devotion to family and home and their values. Sure there are some scammers but on the whole they are very beautiful both inside and outside. Your article does them a great injustice.


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