Laguna de la Cocha in Colombia

Laguna de la Cocha in Colombia

La Laguna de la Cocha is located about 25 kilometers from the southern town of Pasto, near the border with Ecuador.

To get there can take a collective taxi, I honestly do not remember the name of the company, but I will say it in your when you fill-together with your fellow travelers for about 17,000 pesos round trip. Never pay both legs at first because the return will do probably with a different driver that you will have to pay the amount to get back to grass.

The way to achieve it through as goats and takes about 40 minutes to go, but the sights, when you start down the slope and currency and the lagoon, are worthwhile.

The group will leave you very close to the pier, where you will see the colorful and attractive houses that populate the area. There are many and almost 100% has a dual role: family home or small hotel and restaurant. Almost all the inhabitants of this small living place of business with tourists and fishing. The restaurants offer menus based on fish, pasta and salads for a little more inflated prices in Pasto but remain very affordable, approximately 5 euros.

Laguna de la Cocha in Colombia

In the dock waiting for the men who lead the narrow and long motor boats that serve as taxis for visitors. The price is set at 20,000 pesos (about 7 euros in May 2009) and all will offer the service at the same rate to avoid unfair competition between them, so I chose depending on which I liked better at first glance: a abuelete named Miguel.

It was a cloudy day and soon began to drizzle mounted, taking refuge in the small awning of the boat but poking his head to see the landscape around me. The stillness was complete. When turned off the engine on the dock of the island botanical garden is in the middle of the lagoon, there was only the quack-quack of some ducks that were chasing ten meters from our boat.

A few meters from the wharf is the entrance to the botanical compound. You have to pay a nominal fee of 1,000 pesos and sign in the guestbook. It was nearly 2 pm and was the first-and perhaps the last-day visitor. I walked to my ball entirely on the path of timber they have created. The vegetation gives a nice color to the scene and at various points in the branches of the trees lining both sides of the road interlock to form arches that smother part of sunlight.

At the end of the promenade there is a viewpoint from which you can watch part of the lake and surrounding valley.

Making the roundtrip journey took me an hour going very smoothly and stopping to take several photos.

There is little else to do out there on a rainy day during the week but Miguel told me that the place became very lively during the weekends, when entire families of Colombians decided to spend the whole day there.

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