A Multicolor River in Colombia

Multicolor River in Colombia

As if the best of any Impressionist painting, you just have to look out the banks of the Rio Caño Cristales or five colors to know that we are in a unique place. Caño Cristales born south of the Sierra de la Macarena, Colombia, and runs to the east and finally disappearing into the Guayabero river.

It is a succession of rapids, waterfalls, wells and hondanadas. The water is so pure you can see the bottom but no fish dominant characteristics in his bed. In its course we find colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red which are produced by the presence of abundant algae in it and as the season intensifies toward one or another color.

A Caño Cristales is known as the most beautiful river in the world and to reach it is required to fly from Villavicencio to Macarena, take a boat and no marked walk trails, to find this natural spectacle. Of course you going to need a flight to get there so click here to grab yourself a flight.

This jungle river is less than 100 km long and 20m wide, so it is small compared to the Amazon.

Multicolor River in Colombia

As mentioned, the variety of colors is due to the presence of algae. Because in the summer, the sun dries a plant called “Macarenia Clavijero”, the river can get that wonderful red color predominates. Other colors like yellow, black, turquoise and green are obtained from algae of different colors. A fantastic phenomenon that is lost on reaching the river Guayabero.

Because this phenomenon occurs in hot weather, Caño Cristales is kept open only during the months of June through November, to be considered as Biological Heritage Site, the safety and security of this site is extreme.

The rocks of the Macarena reach 1,200 million years old and are an extension to the west of Guiana call of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil, whose rocks are considered the oldest in the world.

In the Sierra de la Macarena, other “pipe” with red plants in winter, as the Caño Seven Machos. These red plants are strongly attached to the rocks where the river is more common.

The Serrania de la Macarena is considered by scientists worldwide as “the seed of biodiversity.” Existed before the formation of the Andes and it is believed that from here they began to distribute the species in this territory.

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